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3 Weight Lifting Secrets That Will Help You Build Muscles Fast written

There is no better way of improving body strength and building muscles than weight lifting. If you have been lifting weights for sometime now but you still feel that you have not achieved what you really want, there are some small adjustments that you can make that can help you reach where you want. You probably do not have the muscle you want because you have not done a few important things in you training.

Here are 3 weight lifting secrets that will help you finally get the type of muscles you want;

1. Intensity change

If you have spent the past few months lifting weighs the same way every time you go to the gym, then it is about time you make a change. This is because when you do things the same way for months, a time will come when you will not get any further as far as muscle building is concerned. To prevent this from happening, you have to vary the intensity of your program every now and then. For example, if you have been doing 3 sets of 10 reps, switch to 4 sets of 7 reps. You can also use the drop set or pyramid, where you alter the reps and weight up or down in every set. When you are always changing the intensity when lifting weights, you will stimulate muscle growth in every training session.

2. Vary your hand position or stance

To get the best results from weight lifting, you have to ensure that you vary the position of your hands and feet through out your workout cycles. You also have to change your set angles. There is both biochemical and anatomical evidence to prove that these variations are very useful. The variations also help to improve your overall strength because they encourage a variety of muscle movement. When you use more angles, you will move more muscle fibers over long ranges of motion which will automatically lead to greater strength and growth.

3. Separate weight lifting and cardio

Keep your weight lifting days and cardio days separate. This is the only way to prevent your cardiovascular training from hindering your ability to engage in weight lifting. If you have to do weights and cardio on the same day, choose aerobic exercises that do not focus on the body parts that the weights will focus on the same day.

Although these things are usually kept a secret, they are very important for anyone who is lifting weights. Keep them in mind if you want to succeed.

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