We Dont Know So Just Be Careful With It

The bodybuilding world a take a back by the news of Dean Wharmby’s Death after a long battle with Liver Cancer

This post covers three different articles about the What caused the death and if you take steroids should take a few minutes to read this.

I know many of you may not trust some of these news outlets so I included THREE different ones that are talking about the SAME cause of Death – I know because you USE steroids to make your body “look” healthy you are clearly rotting it from the inside – Sorry but make all the excuses you want to – it wont change the facts. And Yet While I agree with you about the media outlets not knowing anything stop closing your eyes and sticking it in the sand and maybe you live to see your grand kids! heres the link to the three articles http://bit.ly/1PcLsYF

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