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Ripped Muscles: 4 Tips to Carve Abs of Steel

Let’s face it, ripped muscles and especially abs of steel are the crown jewels of a winning body. It’s what separates the men from the boys (and equally blows minds when women possess them too!) Nothing else get’s the “wow” factor, turns heads or sends the message that you are a person who takes fitness seriously than being ripped. Just take a look in any magazine. I’d challenge you to find one ad where the model isn’t super lean with muscles bulging and abs that look like they were carved with a scalpel.

Many of us despite years in the gym find this type of conditioning impossible to obtain. It doesn’t have to be. Put these 4 tips into action and ripped muscles and six pack abs can become key features of the new you. And your life will NEVER be the same!

  1. Keep Your Carbs Low. Carbohydrates can be a huge opponent on the path to getting super lean. If you want your diet to be an asset rather than a liability keep your carbs low. Replace them with all important protein and healthy fats. It may take a week for your body to get used to the change, but afterwards expect your energy levels to skyrocket as your fat melts away.
  2. Lift Heavy. Many weight trainers fall into the rut of following bodybuilding ideas from the 70’s that barely work. Like using light weights for high reps while trying to get ripped muscles. Time and science have shown a much better strategy is to lift heavy and hard. This will maximize your muscle size as you get lean, which is exactly what we are looking for isn’t it?
  3. Do High Intensity Cardio. Skip things like long distance running, unless you want to look like a marathon runner (which I’m betting you don’t!) Replace it with short, but intense, cardio sessions focusing on maximum effort like sprinting or rowing. Prepare to see your fat come off while your muscle is nicely preserved. You may even find your legs getting more muscular for your efforts!
  4. Take the Right Supplement. There’s traditionally been supplements to get bigger muscles and supplements to lose body fat. Thankfully, those days are behind us. Now we can take Ripped Muscle X, a supplement designed to cover all areas of obtaining ripped muscles, and not have to worry about mixing and matching. It’s the real deal and can mean all the difference in getting the body you want quickly and safely. Check it out and I bet you’ll agree.

Now that you have the inside information, are you ready to go full force and make your ripped muscles a reality? I know you have what it takes so get to work! Good luck and thanks for reading.

Here is a great 4 minute ab workout that goes well with these 4 tips!

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